Refunds - Returns- Exchanges

To return a product it must be in the same condition that it was delivered, it cannot have been used. In case the condition of the item is different, the return will not be accepted.
Complete the return form attached to the order.
Attach a copy of the bill of sale. The return of the payment will be made solely and exclusively to the same method used for your purchase. There will be no exceptions.
Once the return is ready, contact the seller to arrange delivery. Buyers are responsible for delivering the product to the seller.
Once the product is returned, please email us to
Product Eligibility
(No services - No food)
Customers have the right to return any product purchased, defining the reason, within 7 (seven) calendar days from the time of receiving those products from the Seller or Seller's representatives. Products can be returned if kept in the same condition it was delivered, factory tags, and ready-to-sell condition again.
To return the products, Customers must send a copy of the proof of purchase and complete the return request form.
With defects discovered after delivery
Clients have the right to notify the Seller of any defect discovered within 7 (seven) calendar days from the moment they receive delivery and demand its rectification within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the moment they receive the Seller's Products or from the Seller's representatives. Defects caused by improper handling of the Products by the Customer do not qualify. If 7 (seven) days pass from the moment of delivery and the product has not been verified or tested, no claims or returns are accepted. It is the responsibility of the buyers to verify at the time of delivery and within 7 (seven) days of testing and verifying that the product does not present defects or damages.
With defects discovered at the time of delivery
Customers have the right to refuse to accept items and request a money refund. In this case, the Products must not be accepted.
To return the Products, you must send the copy of the proof of purchase and complete the return request form.
Refund Policy
Before receiving the services
Customers have the right to request reimbursement for a purchased service, defining the reason within 7 (seven) calendar days from the time they have paid for the services. Please note that a fee of up to 25% will be charged for service cancellations or refunds to cover payment processor penalties.
After receiving the services
Services that have already been provided cannot be claimed. There may be exceptions.* In this case, the maximum refund will be 60% of the cost of the service. This % is for payment processor fines and merchant generated fees. 
Please note that if the services received are not what the customer expected or failed to meet their expectations, they are not sufficient reasons to claim reimbursement for the service.

Refunds and Return Policy
(Food Products)
Our policy is valid for a period of 3 (three) calendar days from the date of delivery. We do not offer a refund, however you can return the product for an exchange. If the period of 3 (three) days has elapsed since the purchase, we will not be able to offer an exchange.
Requirements for exchange or return of payment
The following criteria must be met to qualify for an exchange.
For market products:
·        The product must be in poor condition or expired
·       The product must not have been partially consumed
·        The product must not be destroyed or discarded
In order to ensure that the above criteria have been met, all returns will be inspected. If the product does not meet the listed criteria, we reserve the right not to issue an exchange. Perishable products are completely exempt from being returned.
Food products purchased by mistake and that are perishable, can NOT be returned. This applies to the following products: 
- Food 
- Vegetables 
- Meat 
- Smoked 
- Sausages 
- Fruits 
- Processed products 
- Dairy products 
- From sea 
- Combos containing some of these products 
- Spices 
Businesses are NOT responsible for customer mistakes. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't force businesses to pay for customer mistakes.
To complete your exchange, we require a receipt, purchase order, or other proof of purchase. Please note that without the above-mentioned proof of purchase, we will not make any changes.
Clearance items
Only regular priced items can be exchanged, clearance items cannot be exchanged.
It is necessary to know that the food products offered for are perishable and have an expiration time. Only those that have been received in poor condition will be replaced and for this the client must have evidence that shows it as photographs or videos.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

Our return and refund policy is outlined above. Under consumer protection laws, stores are legally required to post their refund policy. If a store does not publish a return policy, the law requires the store to accept returns within 30 days of purchase.