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A Casa
We offer a good variety of combos for your family. We are known for providing a fast, reliable service with good quality.
Big Combo
We are a family business dedicated to the sale of food since 2020. We offer a high quality service.
Bingo HLG
HLG Bingo, a private business located in Holguin, has been offering product sales and home delivery services to a large part of Cuba in the eastern zone for some time now. We hope our services meet your expectations.
Combos Mercado
Sending food to Cuba, food combos for Cuba ready to deliver from 24 to 48 hours. We offer a practical and simple alternative to buying food online. Place your order in our online store, and we will make sure that your relative receives it. Available for the provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus.
CubaShop, anteriormente llamado Combos Villa Clara, fue creado para proveerles a los cubanos fuera de la isla acceso a productos de gran demanda y necesidad básica para sus familiares en Cuba. Siempre trataremos de ofrecer precios razonables y asequibles a todos. Es necesario reconocer que el mercado cubano es un mercado inestable e intentamos hacer lo mejor que podemos.
Negocio de mármol con más de 10 años de experiencia. Nuestros productos son seleccionados minuciosamente para entregar solo la mejor calidad.
Dforja Creaciones
Dforja is a private business that has been working on the restoration of furniture and swimming pools for several years. Another of his specialties is the creation of furniture in wood and metal. We hope our products are to your liking.
Don Carlos
Don Carlos is a private processing center dedicated for some years to the preparation of food products such as hams, sausages, hamburgers and smoked meats. We also offer combos of meat products. We work with high quality standards, all the supplies we use in the preparation of food are imported from Spain. You can rest assured that you will receive premium quality products.
Envios + it is a private business dedicated to the sale and distribution of a wide variety of food products. We prioritize the quality of our products and services so that our customers feel satisfied.
Familia Madruga Store
We are dedicated to the sale of various products and especially vinyl paints made with top quality imported raw material ideal for interior and exterior. In addition, in the future we may also sell waterproofing paints, enamels and anticorrosives.