• What is Ponlo en Casa?
Ponlo en Casa is a web platform or website.
  • What opportunities do Ponlo en Casa offer?
Ponlo en Casa was created with the aim of helping the private sector grow in Cuba and offer them alternative ways to generate higher sales and better economic profits.
  • Who can sell in Ponlo en Casa?
All those who are interested in increasing their sales and charging in alternate currencies can be part of the website, whether they are private businesses or independent sellers.
  • Is it legal to sell in Ponlo en Casa?
There are no laws that prevent selling in Ponlo en Casa. Ponlo en Casa works similar to Revolico's platform, but with big differences.

 Some examples are

- You do not have to expose your information to the public
- You don't have to deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis that in the end they do not make a purchase.
- Your sales are more organized, fast and guaranteed
- You don't have to constantly be putting sales ads on multiple sites or groups
- You don't have to pay someone to do marketing or to run your ads
  • How is it sold in Ponlo en Casa?
Simple. By introducing the Cuban private market to the website, we are offering the possibility that people living abroad can buy services or products that are offered for sale within Cuba. Suppose you have a religious articles sales business, you have all your products added to the web platform and people from abroad buy everything they need for a religious ceremony for a family member or friend. The store is responsible for delivering the products and after receiving payment for their sales. It is that simple.
  • In what currency is Ponlo en Casa sold, and in what currency is it paid to businesses or sellers?
All sales on our platform are made in USD (American Dollars). Businesses or sellers are offered the possibility of charging in CUP or USD. Payment reconciliations are only carried out outside of Cuba and are not processed to countries sanctioned by the United States such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, the Crimea Region, in Ukraine, the so-called Lugansk Democratic Republic, the so-called Donetsk Democratic Republic. , Belarus, Russia, and Venezuela.
  • Does Ponlo en Casa offer delivery services?
We have a delivery system ready to launch in the near future. We look forward to having our own fleet of drivers and offering free delivery on all items sold. Deliveries will be in real time, they can be monitored online, customers will be able to know where and when their purchase will arrive, etc.
  • Ponlo en Casa will it charge commissions for sales?
Yes. Ponlo en Casa charge a specific % of sales to its sellers. The % was set at a maximum limit and as the website grows, the percentage charged will decrease.
  • Is it safe to sell at Ponlo en Casa?
Yes, it is 110% safe. Ponlo en Casa has a series of policies and restrictions that were created in order to protect sellers and buyers. We have 0 tolerance against fraud and will apply severe penalties against anyone who tries to circumvent our policies or regulations.
  • How similar is Ponlo en Casa and Amazon?
We have several similarities. Ponlo en Casa will work in various ways like Amazon. One of them is the possibility of having your own virtual space on our website to sell. Sellers or business owners have access to a platform where they can manage everything related to sales, prices, accounting, clients, among other functions.
  • Do I have to have a business to sell in Ponlo en Casa?
No. If you regularly sell different items or products, you can sell with us.
  • What can be sold at Ponlo en Casa?
Practically everything. The limitations are few. Some examples of products or services that cannot be sold are
- Medicines by medical prescription
- Virtual currencies
- House rentals for stays and house sales
- Car sale
- Pornography
- Legal services
Among others
Do you have more questions and concerns about our operation?
You can write to us on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and we will answer any questions or concerns.