About us

Welcome to Ponlo en Casa!

  Ponlo en Casa/ponloencasa.com is a web platform created by Information Technology Innovations by JMG, LLC, a company registered in Miami, FL since 2019. The main objective of this company is to develop different tools for electronic commerce in Cuba. Ponlo en Casa is, among all the projects that we intend to develop, the most ambitious and complex. The first question we asked ourselves before venturing into this race was, “Can we Cubans have a platform similar to Amazon in Cuba?” The answer was simple... Of course, we can!
Although we currently sell in currencies other than the one in our country, one of the founder's greatest wishes is that in the not too distant future we can incorporate sales in national currency and that we can all enjoy the benefits offered by the platform.
It is important to bear in mind that Ponlo en Casa is not just another food market, it is a platform that intends to host all kinds of products and services that are offered for sale in Cuba. Due to its complexity and scope, several months were spent studying and creating policies that would protect our customers and vendors. We want both parties to feel in a safe environment.
The founder of this great project is of Cuban origin. He emigrated to the US in 2007 when he was just 27 years old, leaving behind all his family, friends, acquaintances and practically memories of a lifetime. He knows about all our problems, difficulties and needs both inside and outside of Cuba. For this reason, one of his great wishes is to be able to help the Cuban community with part of the profits generated by the platform, either by giving gifts or helping people in need in Cuba through humanitarian programs.
Always remember that Ponlo en Casa offers a guarantee, speed, quality and, most importantly, security in your purchases.
With love, Ponlo en Casa Team
Jurek Martínez 
Information Technology Innovations CEO 
Founder of Ponlo en Casa