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Ponlo en Casa is a digital platform focused on providing sales spaces, and now we are including spaces to promote all types of markets.

Driven by passion and commitment, our goal is to make Ponlo en Casa recognized for its quality of service in a large part of the Cuban community around the world. Based on some of the analyses we have carried out, we believe that more than 4 million Cubans currently live outside of Cuba, and it is a number that continues to grow. Ponlo en Casa seeks to position itself as one of the preferred platforms for Cubans in the future. We want to create a virtual space where we can cover from the most basic to the most complex needs of this type of market.

Since our beginnings we have always believed in innovation and in doing new, different things, that is why we consider Ponlo en Casa to be unique in its kind.

What are we looking to offer? We want to take advantage of the increased traffic on our platform. Like many other websites that offer spaces for marketing, Ponlo en Casa wants to open up to new opportunities in this world, but in a simpler and more organized way. We want to use the Sell ad space directly method.

Within our platform there are different spaces established for this type of business. The advantages of using an advertising space within our platform is that costs are reduced, and a fixed rate is established, being a cheaper option than Programmatic Advertising and Affiliate Advertising.

Here at Ponlo en Casa we want to help you boost your brand or business and for this we show you the reasons to choose us and what we offer.


We are committed to being the preferred store of the Cuban community around the world and with the greatest presence in the United States.

Every day we work to be part of this global community and so that people can feel protected when they make purchases on our platform. We also want to serve as an element of union between Cubans who live outside and inside Cuba.


  • As a multi-department store, we are dedicated to creating quality content that arouses the interest of our customers every week.
  • On average, we generate 4 or more new posts a week.


  • Generate +150 Items of value per year.
  • To be one of the preferred platforms by the Cuban community.
  • To be a platform with a great global reach.


  • Being a dual language website we strive to make content reach more people.
  • Our Responsive design ensures that the website is displayed correctly on any device (PC, Tablet and Smartphone).


  • We have a presence on social networks, Instagram and Facebook.
  • We actively participate, generate and upload content of interest every week.


We offer you an alternative to boost your brand or business with the following product


Your brand always visible on our website. Strategically located spaces for greater visualization


  • Banner display in each category and each product.
  • Banner linked to your product, website or your social network.
  • Space to provide 1 image and unlimited text.

The top banner is located in each category of the store.

 1920 x 400 px 

The bottom banner is located on each product in the store.

 1920 x 400 px 


  • The cost of the top and bottom banner is $199 USD per month
  • The cost of a space on the main page is #$299 per month

If you are interested in promoting your brand or business, contact us.