Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy​

Last Update: December 24, 2023
Sellers are responsible for setting their own prices on Ponlo en Casa marketplace. In our mission to position ourselves as the first online marketplace in Cuba for Cuban private business owners, entrepreneurs and independent sellers, Ponlo en Casa strives to provide our customers with the largest selection at the lowest price, and with the fastest delivery as sellers play an important role.
Ponlo en Casa monitor the prices of each item on our marketplace before being approved for sale, including shipping costs, and compares them with other prices available to our customers. If we see pricing practices on a marketplace offer that harms customer trust, Ponlo en Casa can remove the option to buy, remove any offer from the seller, suspend the ship option, or, in serious or repeated cases, suspending or terminating selling privileges.
Pricing practices that harm customer trust include, but are not limited to:
  • Setting a reference price on a product or service that misleads customers.
  • Setting a price on a product or service that is significantly higher than recent prices offered on or off Ponlo en Casa; or
  • Selling multiple units of a product for more per unit than that of a single unit of the same product.
  • Setting a shipping fee on a product that is excessive. Ponlo en Casa allow reasonable handling charges. Ponlo en Casa understands that the delivery method is offered directly by the seller and the situation that exists in the country where the sale is made with transport and high costs to carry out deliveries, but we are aware of the prices that exist in the market and which can be the acceptable range and the abusive one.